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Chiapas Decaf, Mexico
Hasty Coffee

Chiapas Decaf, Mexico

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Decaffeinated, Delicious

Current Decaf Coffee

Chiapas, Mexico - Rabbit Hole Roasters

This tasty decaf is produced by Eleazar Rodas and Román Garcia in Mexico's Chiapas region. In this region coffees are decaffeinated through the Organic Mountain Water process which is very similar to the Swiss Water process done here in Canada. Thanks to great processing this coffee maintains all of it's tasty flavours. With notes of Dates, Anise, Chocolate and Lemon, look for a cup thats both sugar and spice.

A Coffee For Any Time Of Day.

Some people may roll their eyes when they think of decaf coffee but we love coffee, not just it's caffeine content. Years ago, the underwhelming flavour of decaf coffee may have been something to turn your nose up at but today there are lots of great decaffeination processes available to us.

Organic processes like Swiss Water, and Sugar Cane (Ethyl Acetate) maintain the coffees flavour even after decaffeination leaving you with a fantastic cup of coffee you can enjoy any time of day.

In our decaf box we aim to bring decaf coffees that have high cup quality and exceptional flavour. Wether caffeine doesn't agree with you or you just want an evening coffee we hope these coffees make you smile!

Enjoy the Wonderful World of Decaf Coffee!